Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry

A living history unit

We attend many local venues that have associations with the WYC.  At present this includes Eastnor Castle (James Hervey Bathurst, the current owner, is a direct descendant of the first Earl), Worcester City Museum, Hartlebury Castle, Strensham, Powick, Bevere and Kempsey.
We appear regularly at Eastnor Castle, which became the eventual base to the original unit.  
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Events 2018

these event days for 2018 are not fixed as yet, for example we are in negociations with Hampton Court Castle in Herefordshire to appear there.
Prospective days at Eastnor Castle
Sunday 1st  April
Sunday 27th May
Sunday 10th June
Sunday 24th June
Sunday 22nd July
Sunday 5th August
Sunday 9th September
Prospective days at Harvington Hall Worrcestershire
Sunday June 17th Multiperiod day
Saturday and Sunday July 14th / 15th Regency Event
Prospective days at Spetchley Park Worrcestershire
Saturday and Sunday 11-12th August
This event is part of the large M5 event put on by the Worcester Re-enactors